Every Child Reads

Rather than memorize all the words in the English language, a proven method of intensive systematic phonics is used, which gives students the tools to decode words.


All students use Saxon-Math which is an incredible program that includes in each lesson, review problems from previous lessons, so skills stay sharp. Students in upper grades can go at their own pace in math, even into the next grade level.

Greek and Latin Roots

Beginning in the 3rd grade, students memorize and implement Greek and Latin Roots. It is amazing how effective this is in understanding and improving vocabulary in History, Geography, Science, English and Math.

For example:

auto- means self

bio- means life

graph- means write


Say It 2 Know It

Students in all grades participate in this unique method of learning that teaches them hundreds of short informational poems that help them to easily recall vocabulary definitions, terms in Math and Science, as well as historical events.

“I Love the Classics”

Students read the classics and other stories by great authors. Exposing them to the language of the very best writers helps them be better readers and writers. Reading material should uplift and ennoble the mind.

“Put A Poem In Your Pocket”

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, students read, analyze, and memorize poetry. They recite in front of the class each week, which builds speaking skills, confidence, and strengthens memory building skills.


Our students enjoy earth, life, and physical science. Students participate in experiments which give them a real hands on learning experience. A STEM based Science camp is offered.

“We The People”

Students in the upper grade levels read and study the Constitution every year. Being familiar with this great document helps them begin to understand the proper role of government and to appreciate the freedoms it preserves.

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

It is important for students to know what happened in history, as well as how they can improve the world by learning about it. Developing a love of America and a feeling of patriotism is done by singing patriotic songs and memorizing patriot’s words and poetry about famous people and events.

Catch That Ball

PE is a favorite time of the day for everyone. Games such as football, kickball, softball, basketball, and soccer are played as well as ‘capture the flag’, dodge ball, badminton, and jump rope. Each class has P.E. three days a week

Seeing Is Believing

Several field trips are taken each year to enhance the curriculum. We visit the wildlife zoo, science museum, and attend special performances. The upper grades have taken 2-week historical trips back east to visit such places as Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Capitol in Washington, D.C., the Statue of Liberty in New York, and also the battlefield of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

Character First

Along with a good academic education, students are taught about the different qualities of a good character. Each month the school focuses on a specific character trait such as honesty or gratitude. Students hear stories and participate in activities that emphasizes the importance of building a good character and being a good citizen.